Team staffing

Building a high performing data team

Today's winning organisations have a strong in-house data science and engineering team that is properly integrated with other business-oriented teams. But defining what profiles make up a performant data team is not always that easy. That’s where addData comes in.

Thanks to our experience in large transformational programs and previous VP-level jobs at international corporates, we know how to build a strong team. By analysing your current way of working and mapping out the skills that are present today, we can find out which capabilities you are still missing and help draw out a plan for the setup of an in-house data science team.

Kickstarting your team through interim staffing.

All of our data scientist and data engineer consultants are also available for interim assignments. We could map out the ideal data team structure, and  help out with  positions that still need to be filled. This could include the following expertises:

- Data engineers
- Data scientists
- Data project manager
- Data science team lead
- Data analyst
- Data translator
- Data strategist

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