Data Strategy

Uncover the potential of a strong data roadmap

Finding ways of leveraging your data to grow your business can seem overwhelming and overly complex. So much, in fact, that many organisations fail to build a coherent plan to do it.

We help companies in designing a strong data strategy and provide them with a pragmatic roadmap to start driving value for the organisation. addData will work alongside you in a interactive 7-step program that provides you with all the answers to your data related questions in 6 to 8 weeks.

We tackle any data related questions you may have:

  • Should I be capturing data myself?
  • What data should I focus on?
  • How do I show people internally that a proper data strategy can help us move forward?
  • Where should I store data?
  • How can I instill a more data-driven culture in my teams?
  • Which use cases could move my company or targets forward?

It may be that you already have a solid technical architecture in place and have a lot of customer data. In that case, we can work with you to see what data use cases can bring value to you.

Designing Duvel's data strategy in a pragmatic way.

Where most consultants would draft up endless keynote slides, we chose to work alongside Duvel for one month to see how the marketing team scored in terms of data maturity. This gave us all the necessary input to communicate the outlines of the data strategy and define a first campaign that would prove its efficacy.

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This is how we do it

Strategy tracks are always tailored to your needs.

Through workshops and stakeholder interviews, we analyse your current way of working, draft up the requirements, define the most valuable use cases and build the implementation roadmap.

The 7-step program

1. Data inspiration and vision workshop
2. Personae workshop
3. Definitions of user stories & requirements
4. Build business cases
5. Mapping of technical enablers
6. Prioritisation workshop
7. Delivery of the roadmap

The end result of this exercise is a set of recommendations that you can really get to work with, translated into specific use cases and/or changes to your data architecture.

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