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Using data and machine learning to boost your marketing shouldn’t be hard. addData combines the deep technical expertise of advanced analytics and machine learning with a profound knowledge of a CMO's struggles to deliver on the promise of data-driven marketing.

We help companies with every step of the data chain: ranging from designing a data strategy, creating machine learning enabled marketing campaigns, setting up a data platform, and helping to build your data team. These are the most common challenges our clients face:

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About adddata

A little less conversation, a little more action

We believe that everyone should be able to explore, understand and use the power of data and machine learning.

Our story

In the last few years, people talked endlessly about predictive analytics and machine learning. By combining technical knowledge with pragmatic consultancy, we’re here to turn these bold ideas into real impact.

The founders of addData have a strong background in customer insights, data architecture, marketing, and digital transformation. The team currently consists of 22 people and is growing each year. Our sole missions is to make the very complex world of data science comprehensible for an executive leader looking to grow his business using data.