Data architecture

addData makes your data architecture future-proof

A plan may be as good as it is, but if the implementation fails, you are nowhere. That's why addData helps companies with their data architecture and the implementation of their data strategy.

We start a data-architecture trajectory with an audit, in which we examine where your data is today and how qualitative they are. Based on that, we create a roadmap explaining how to implement the right tools and systems.

Connecting the dots

The data value chain runs over many technologies and needs different type of skills in all the departments that are involved. Levering you existing infrastructure and skills we focus on connecting the dots with our broad experience.

  • We master the ingestion and processing of data on all major cloud providers: Azure, AWS and GCP.
  • We can work with datawarehouse tools on each of those platforms: Snowflake, Synapse, Redshift, MS SQL or Oracle.
  • We master the Data Science technology stack and their ML OPS processes on Azure (ML OPS) and AWS (Sagemaker). Besides those we of course have experience in Python, Spark ML, DataRobot and Anatella.
  • Creating insights in PowerBI, Tableau, Qlick or Google Datastudio.
  • We know how to integrate our results back into operational systems and implement CDP's (Customer data platforms) such as Salesforce, Ms Dynamics, Oracle Bluekai, Segment, Selligent, Pega or any custom built tool.

State-of-the-art data
architecture for a SaaS company

In order to leverage the impressive amount of data the client could use, the data ecosystem needed a full overhaul. After a broad consultation of the full organisation a new modern data platform leveraging Microsoft Azure and Snowflake was proposed.

Knowing the end-state, we focus on the use cases, yet each component necessary for the use case is designed to support the end-state.

  • A modern data lake using DataBricks, Python and ADF for the ingestion, heavy lifting and storage.
  • Ingestion of digital media sources such as Google, Bing, LinkedIn, operational data from Salesforce, Pardot and the internal applications,…
  • A traditional Data Model to support Self Service BI on Snowflake and over PowerBI Integration of results back into the existing Salesforce processes.
  • Set-up of the necessary security and governance tools and processes.

“A perfect balance between a data platform set-up project and a revenue generating use case development”

- Customers' technical lead
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The strength of addData lies mainly in our business knowledge.

We don't just tell you what the best components are, but we always translate it into how your business will grow and what you need to do to get there.

The best part? You will notice the impact from day one. We don't wait until the final step to give you the tools and dashboards. As soon as the relevant data are linked, your marketers can get to work.