Solve your business challenges with the help of machine learning

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you often run into though business challenges. Winning companies make their data work for them. addData helps you gather insights, make predictions and run smart campaigns that grow your organisation.

Whether you want to boost your revenue, reactive sleeping clients, prevent customers from churning, or recommend products in a more relevant way: our consultants and data scientists will find the perfect solution.


Add data to turn the churn around

Seeing customers leave is never nice. But what if we told you don’t have to say goodbye? addData creates smart solutions to reduce customer churn.

  • Set up a churn framework. Start measuring the movements in your customer base and define correct KPIs
  • Creation of churn models
  • Scenario building & business casing marketing initiatives
  • Define campaigns and experiments with personalised content
  • Full churn reporting
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We reduced Essent's
churn rate in one month.

In just 4 weeks we gathered all relevant data, created smart segments, determined churn triggers and ran multiple campaigns to tackle the issue.

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Reactivate sleeping clients with ML

You don’t have to attract new clients to grow your bottom line revenue. We help you sell more to the people you already know.

  • Data analysis of your customer base
  • Create personalised promotions
  • Reactive existing clients with smart offers
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Identify your next
customer through AI

Reduce your acquisition costs. You know your current top customers. However, which of your leads are the top customers of tomorrow. Use a similar approach of Facebook Custom Audiences on your first-party data.

  • Define the complete customer funnel
  • Creation of lookalike models
  • Setup onboarding campaigns
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RFM & next best action

Get the most out of your customer base

Most marketeers spend the lion's share of their budget on acquiring new customers, but maximising the return of your existing clients is more often than not a more efficient strategy to boost revenue. This could be done by reactivating sleeping customers, smart up- or cross-sell offers or a next best action calculation.

  • Setup the complete customer base framework
  • Creation of models to predict customer behaviour
  • Determining the opportunities to steer customer behaviour
  • Scenario building & business casing marketing initiatives
  • Define campaigns and experiments with personalised content
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Finding growth in your own data set

We like to skip the part where we show abstract slide decks or use terminology no one understands. We find opportunities in your data and help leverage them into smart campaigns.